We are Craft Distilling Services, a unique company highly  accomplished in the design, manufacture and installation of distilling equipment and facilities.

Recent Work

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Bimber Distillery

Nelson's Gin Distillery

Manchester Three Rivers Distillery

Greensand Ridge Distillery


If you are new to the distilling industry or need some expertise and advice, I can’t think of anyone better than Jamie to help. Having once been new to the industry himself and learning the hard way before starting several distilleries from scratch, he is uniquely qualified. He is extremely knowledgeable, always friendly and always happy to help. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Angus Lugsdin

Salcombe Distilling Co

Excellent communication, good humour and extreme patience are just some of the things a customer can expect from working with Craft Distilling Services, not to mention their tangible passion and unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of the industry. It has been an honour and a pleasure to learn from these genuine legends of the craft drinks scene and we at Manchester Three Rivers could not recommend them highly enough.


Dave Rigby

Manchester Three Rivers Distillery


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